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Etnotourism in rural Madagascar - Zazamalala Forest and Botanical Garden

  • Forest and ponds with Wildlife, e.g. Verreaux Sifaka.
  • Breeding colonies of Egretts and Herons, e.g. Sacred Ibis.
  • A unique diversity of succulents, trees, bamboos and palms, e.g. huge Palmyra palms.
  • Lodging in a villa with swimming pool or a cabin in the forest.
  • Traditional food, ceremonies, parties, and music with the local people.
  • Short trips to beaches, zebu Market, sea Fishing, Baobab Alley or Kirindy forest.
  • Long trips to Tsingy de Bemaraha, Belo sur Mer beach resort, Kirindy Mitea national park.
  • Easy access (along Route National 35) between Antananarivo and Morondava.

We have 45 years of experience in Madagascar and are happy to help you visiting this wonderful island!

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Chinese guests dining in the Zazamalala garden
Zazamalala residence
A young Malagasy lady in the Zazamalala garden
A party in the Zazamalala garden